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Miller Certified Reporting Services

    • Court Reporting Services

      Our court reporters have extensive experience covering all types of legal proceedings in Arizona, whether it’s depositions, court hearings, arbitrations, or public and administrative proceedings. Each court reporter is a Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) through the National Court Reporters Association and is a Certified Reporter in the State of Arizona. Miller Certified Reporting is also a Registered Reporting Firm (R1058) in the State of Arizona.

    • Transcription Services

      For court proceedings that have been recorded, you can request the audio files from the court and provide Miller Certified Reporting the audio files, and our certified court reporters will provide you a certified transcript of the proceedings.  We also transcribe audio files of other recorded events.

    • Exhibits

      All exhibits are scanned and archived. Upon request, we can scan exhibits with OCR (optical character recognition) to enable the electronic searching of PDF exhibits.

      When requested for ongoing matters, Miller Certified Reporting will create witness exhibit binders and update the binders with all sequentially marked exhibits. These exhibit binders will be taken to each deposition scheduled in the matter for reference by each subsequent witness.

    • Transcript Production

      Transcripts are delivered promptly in 10 days.  We can also provide daily transcripts, expedited transcripts (3-5 days), or same-day rough draft/dirty transcripts.  Advanced notice of rush delivery requests for transcripts is recommended.

      In addition to the standard hard copy transcript production of a regular, long form transcript, we provide condensed copies (4 to a page) with a word index.  Transcripts can also be provided in all electronic formats, including, but not limited to:   PDF (Adobe/Acrobat), PTX (E-transcript), TXT (ascii), and XMEF (LexisNexis TextMap) with hyperlinked Exhibits.

      Download The Free E-Transcript Viewer Here.

      Download The Free Textmap Reader Here.

    • Videography/Interpreting

      At Miller Certified Reporting, we schedule nationally certified legal videographers who have extensive experience. Miller Certified Reporting can also schedule foreign language interpreters.

Miller Certified Reporting

Miller Certified Reporting, LLC is proud to be a woman owner-operated business. We are an Arizona Registered Reporting Firm (R1058) and all of our court reporters hold certifications through the National Court Reporters Association as Registered Professional Reporters and are also Certified Reporters in the State of Arizona. Miller Certified Reporting, LLC is proud to offer services in many arenas of the court reporting world.

Our reporters have experience in handling depositions and hearings of all aspects, including but not limited to, medical malpractice, construction defect, political meetings, criminal cases, and personal injury cases.

Angela F. Miller, as the owner/operator, has gained extensive experience working in Maricopa County Superior Court, multiple city courts, arbitrations, public meetings, administrative hearings, and a multitude of depositions. Angela holds a bachelor’s degree in court reporting, having graduated from the Metropolitan College of Court Reporting. She has also been retained to be the sole reporter working on a case, which ensures consistency throughout.

Further, we would like to especially thank all of our clients for all the work you have entrusted us with and the referrals you have sent our way. It is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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